What's our Story?

Providing technology to augment customer engagement



Be Part of the Story was created to give brands the technology they need to create fun, customizable and shareable content for their customers. In today's world, everyone wants to be part of a movement, so why not make them part of YOUR story?


In recent months, it has become more important than ever to have a strong online presence, and that's where we can help. Whether you want to increase brand awareness, sales or donations, we can work directly with your design team to create highly shareable, fun and customizable content with powerful messages. Using a simple API integration, you can give your customers a unique opportunity to upload their photo and have their image interact directly with your brand.  



Creative GIFs can be used to advertise a new product or cause, highlight a special promotion, used as event souvenirs, or even given as a gift...the possibilities are endless.

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